Since its establishment in 2000, the TKC prides itself on having harmonised substantial cross-border procedures consistent with Regional Integration and International best practices, namely:

• Fencing along TKC completed October 2013 Areas fenced on the Botswana side:

• Sec A: Sekoma to Phuduhudu

• Sec B: Kang to Palamaokue

• Adoption of streamlined legislations and harmonised Customs procedures, and implementation of a Single Administrative Document (SAD 500).

• Adoption of common transit procedure.

• Harmonisation of extended Border operating hours and Axle Load Limits at the Trans Kalahari Border Posts.

• Reduction of Border clearance (dwell time) to a maximum of 1 hour and a minimum of 30 minutes if all required documentation is in order.

• Increased commercial and passenger traffic from less than 5% in 2000 to nearly 50% (commercial) and over 60% (passenger) to date.

1. Establishment of a One Stop Border Post between Trans Kalahari and Mamuno Border Posts.

2. Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems interface and connectivity.

3. Standardization of Weighbridge Equipment.

4. Establishment of Corridor Performance Monitoring System.

5. Roll out of Cross Border Vehicle Overload Control System (CBVOCS).

6. Adoption of SADC Road Traffic Signs and Signage in Botswana.

7. Establishment of Wellness Centers.

8. Feasibility study for establishment of truck stops along the TKC.